Washington National Cathedral Centennial Celebration

When presented with the theme of the liturgical year by the Cathedral, and the request to design them abstractly, Nancy Chinn began a series of paintings that were based on her understanding of those festivals and seasons. These paintings became the original source for the design process.

The source paintings were shot with a Phase One P45 digital back. The 24-bit native pixels from the digital photographs were then retouched by Jason Chinn. Nancy and Jason collaborated to render and adjust the final illustrations.

The fabric panels were printed on Polypoplin fabric using a digital imaging technique called "Dye Sublimation". This process starts with taking the artist's file and scanning it into the computer and then printing it on a special paper with a large format inkjet printer. The print on paper is then covered with the fabric and they are then passed through a heat press, where the fabric and the ink get heated to 400 degrees. The heat vaporizes the ink and it then gets absorbed by the fiber and becomes part of the fabric. This technique produces prints that are vibrant in color are also fade resistant.

Jason Chinn

Sanjay Sakhuja


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